Mediator Panel

Gold Coast Mediation Centre (GCMC) only acts as an introducer of mediators from our panel to those who seek family dispute resolution or all types of civil dispute mediation services.

How We Work

Joining GCMC as a panel mediator is by invitation only. All of our mediators introduced have been carefully selected as being:

  • professional with high integrity and work ethics
  • are fully accredited and insured
  • respectful, impartial and confidential
  • have a variety of skill sets to attain the best possible outcome
  • strongly believe that mediation is the best way in settling disputes
  • will assess suitability of the mediation in accordance to the Approval Standards and Practice Standards as set out by the National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS).


GCMC does not act as an agent for its panel members. Our panel mediators offer their services in their own right. Any contract/agreement made for services as a result of the existence of our introduction will only be between the mediator/s concerned and his/her/their clients.

No one other than the mediator or mediators concerned assume any duty of care, liability or responsibility by reason of any introduction of GCMC.

However, no promises are made that the above is correct or that any services will be provided of any particular quality. No promises are made that any mediation or attempt at alternative dispute resolution will be successful.